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Running the Marine Corps Marathon for the Organization for Autism research. Please consider sponsoring me by clicking here to make a tax deductible donation online.

Dedication to the Armed Forces for their service now and in the past to keep the United States strong and free and to defend the rights of others throughout the world.

"Always Remember, Never Forget"




 Word-Hoard Chat Logs

English Composition 32   

January 30: "Theme for English B"   

January 30: "Theme for English B"   

February 1: "His Rooms in College" 

February 6: "Swimming With the Sharks"      

March 1: Enron Discussion

March 8: "Women" and other poems

March 11: "In the Bedroom"

March 15: "Women and the Veil"

March 18: "Domestic Violence"


English Composition 71    

January 30: "Theme for English B"  

Jauary 30: "Theme for English B" and Gunn Poem 

February 6: "Murder Mysteries"

February 11: "Koch essay" & "The Island"                

February 13: "Death Penalty Discussion"

March 4: Poe's "The Black Cat"

March 11: Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"


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